The President's message - April 2018

This newsletter is an opportunity for me to give you some inside information to better understand the activity Telecom and Infrastructure of the GLOBAL Technologies Group. This Business Unit, supervised by Nicolas Mercier for more than seven years, designs, deploys and manages telecommunications infrastructures dedicated to the military, civilians and mobile phone operators.
As you may know, GLOBAL Technologies Telecom & Infrastructure operates internationally and this year, has serious ambitions in Africa where we are already working in more than 20 countries. In Europe, we are continuing to expand and we have been able to celebrate numerous successes thanks to a valuable cooperation with our Romanian subsidiary: Kranszwald.
Among the highlights of the past year, I would like to emphasize the performance of GLOBAL technologies in Russia, where we are in charge of several sub-sets of telecommunications on the extraction site of natural liquid gas at the Bay of Yamal.
This site is located in Siberia, 650 km north of the Arctic Circle. Again, GLOBAL Technologies demonstrated its ability to deploy its know-how in extremely complex conditions related to specific technical limitations, extreme climatic conditions and highly specific administrative framework.
Another highlight of 2017 is GLOBAL Technologies’ remarkable success in Africa and especially in Mauritania, another difficult country, where we accompanied the operator Mattel, subsidiary of Tunisia Telecom, in reforming their network by suggesting up-to-date technology, with our partner Eutelsat supplying the satellite link. Here again, GLOBAL technologies’ expertise was much appreciated as it reduced the operator’s basic costs, while intensely improving the quality of the provided service.
Many other projects in Russia, Africa and Europe are expected to be completed in 2018 and will be written about in the newsletters to come.
Our business is thrilling and put in motion thanks to all our consultants ans professional partnerships driven by quality and expertise.
As our business-model is unique and expertly developed, new spectacular accomplishments are on the horizon!
PhD in Organization science | Paris IX Dauphine
1977, Creator and CEO of the company ARM Conseil
Since 1997, CEO of BusinessLine
Since 2004, CEO of GLOBAL Technologies