Job Focus: Job consultant at NATO with GLOBAL Technologies

Interview with Craig Taylor, formerly a Network and Server Engineer with the 2SR Royal Signals of the British Armed Forces.
Craig, a British native, has been working at CMRE in La Spezia, Italy, since July 2017.


Can you tell us about your responsibilities at the CMRE?

With great pleasure! I am responsible for the management of VMware virtual infrastructure and Microsoft Suite within the ILab. The iLAB is the IT organization of the CMRE (Centre for maritime research and experimentation). We provide support and services to all staff, including the scientific community. This is extremely difficult because quality standards are higher, they have to be considering the nature of the experiments and research that is performed and we work within tight deadlines. Failing to hit a deadline is never an option because most research is done at sea and the vessel has a strict schedule to adhere to. We need to make sure that everything is prepared and in place so that scientists can focus on their work.

This seems to be a big challenge…

It is indeed! We need to be able to offer creative solutions and respond to challenging demands. In fact, I sometimes come to work thinking that I’ll be working on some maintenance that I had scheduled but find myself working on something else because there is an urgent issue that needs to be resolved. We have to be flexible in these situations and have a good sense of judgement, but after 12 years in the British Army, I think it’s safe to say I have those skills in abundance!

How did you integrate into the team?

It was very smooth. The team here is very nice and focuses on collaboration and result. I had some help from the colleagues already in place in locating accommodation and finding my way around. It is great to feel this connection with everyone at GLOBAL Technologies.

How did you find this position at GLOBAL Technologies?

Linda, one of the recruiters of GLOBAL Technologies, contacted me for this position. I was just transitioning from the British Army, so my interest was raised immediately at the chance of working for NATO. Linda provided me with information on the benefits that it represented for my career, on the team as well as on the site. I had an interview with the iLab managers and a few weeks later I was working in Italy and was enjoying the beautiful beaches here!

Do you have any advice to give to military personnel in transition to civilian life?

Contact GLOBAL Technologies! I know that’s what I’m supposed to say, but I do mean it. I think ex-military staff have a lot to offer to NATO as they understand the military culture, hierarchy and jargon. Reaching out to recruiters such as Linda will improve your knowledge of what the possibilities are for you. She was also very knowledgeable in explaining the details about contracting and what the financial implications are. She even helped me with my first invoice!