Data Warehouse Developer

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

LOCATION: Maastricht, Netherlands
CLIENT: Confidential
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate
DURATION: 24 months

  A DWH developer who will execute, in the context of the creation of the PABI BI data warehouse, software development assignment to automate the ingestion of a number of data sources of varying complexity such that they become available for self-service analytics

For each data source, the development assignment activities entail:
• Source analysis (with support by MUAC)
• Reverse engineering and maintaining metadata for source systems and all layers of DWH enabling automation of loading patterns
• Modelling of the source data in Data Vault 2.0 standard
• Automation of Data Vault 2.0 loading patterns using SQL, Groovy, ODI SDK and ODI KM
• Development of an ODI configuration to automate ingestion of the source data into a staging area
• Improvements of a framework for automatic generation of ODI transformations of the data from staging area into the Raw Data Vault and further to some areas of Business Vault layer
• Development of transformations of the data from Raw Data Vault to Business Vault layer, including implementation of Soft Rules
• Development of transformations of the data to self-service presentation layer (including dimensional models, 3NF relational models and flat wide de-normalized reporting tables/views)
• Development of historical data purging rules
• Technical and user-facing documentation of the data modelling design and transformation design
• Development, execution and reporting of integration and user acceptance tests, including example Tableau visualizations
• Modelling and transformation development shall take place in compliance with the prevailing DWH maintenance plan procedures and standards (e.g., Agile Process, DV2.0) and shall integrate with and support the concurrent construction of a meta data mart by MUAC, thereby also addressing all aspects of master data management and data lineage, versioning, and security
• Progress and efforts spent will be tracked in Jira
• Setup of a data warehouse (DWH), the design of a data model, the creation of an ETL layer to ingest information from various sources into the data model including data Specifications - Technical Specification DWH Development support
• Quality and monitoring aspects, the creation of a reporting, dashboarding and self-service analytics layer serving the stakeholders, documentation piercing all layers to provide end users with full lineage information, the establishment of the respective governance structures and processes, and the migration of various legacy BI solutions into the new BI scheme including metadata and lineage recovery

Job requirements: 

• 5 years of practical professional experience with Oracle VLDB
• 5 years of practical professional experience with ODI
• 3 years of practical professional experience with ODI automation using ODI SDK
• Successfully manufactured technical and user-facing documentation of data modelling and transformation design
• Practical professional experience with Data Vault and, specifically, Data Vault 2.0
• Practical professional experience in modelling and handling spatio-temporal data in a self-service BI context
• Prior knowledge in specifically modelling air traffic, sector and airspace configuration, staff rostering and allocation, flow measures, weather, delay, and/or occurrences