Cyber Security/FW Specialist


Europa / Europe

Nato clearance: 


Job description: 

DURATION: End of this year
CONTRACT: Consultant
SALARY: Negotiable daily rate

• DCIS PoW support (DragonFly, LlNC-E, CGS, ACP) in regards to network and security devices (staging andconfiguration), such as:
       Central administration of mBPS and Gateway services
       System staging and configuration
       Firewall policy development
       Technical fault correction and configuration change implementation
• DCIS Exercise support:
       Operational changes on the above mentioned devices
       Staging and preparation of exercise systems

Job requirements: 

• Very good experience with Palo Alto Networks Firewalls and Palo Alto Networks Panorama
• Very Good experience and knowledge of Computer and Networks Security principles and procedures
• Very Good experience of UNIX and Microsoft Operating system
• Strong knowledge of security principles, practices and technologies
• Strong knowledge and experience of Boundaries Protections Devices- Strong experience and technical knowledge on wide and local area networks and components (switches, routers)
• Strong knowledge of ONS, mail, web servers/proxies, mail guards
• Practical knowledge and experience of firewalls installation and management
• Good experience in troubleshooting TCP/IP networks to identify problems
• Working knowledge of TCP/IP protocols and services
• Proven ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
• A plus: knowledge and experience of firewalls for the following other vendors: Checkpoint, Juniper
• A plus: very good knowledge of Central Management solutions Checkpoint (Provider-1), Juniper (Network and SecurityManager)
• A plus: knowledge of system security requirements and their implementation
• A plus: experience of DCIS systems implementation in the NATO environment